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July 13, 2022

Walden Savings Bank Donates to Four Community Organizations That Focus on Quality of Life

Walden Savings Bank Donates to Four Community Organizations That Focus on Quality of Life

Walden Savings Bank, in honor of its 150th anniversary, has donated $1,500 each to four community organizations that serve cancer patients, advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, and help young people in need of mentors and pets in need of homes. The grants came from a longstanding donation pool that Bank employees contribute to throughout the year – donations matched by Walden Savings Bank.

The organizations were:

“It’s wonderful to see the wide range of organizations our Walden Savings Bank employees choose to help with our donations,” said Walden Savings Bank President and Chief Executive Officer Derrik Wynkoop. “Our employees care deeply about the Hudson Valley communities we serve, and we are eager to help support many of the causes that are close to their hearts.”

The bank raises the funds through a company custom. Every Friday, Walden Savings Bank employees are allowed to “dress down,” with a small donation. Each staffer must contribute at least $3 each pay period for the privilege of dressing more casually on Fridays than the rest of the week.

The contributions go into the WSB Donation Pool; the bank matches them dollar for dollar.

Each month, the first $500 in the fund becomes one of 12 mini grants given year-round. Most years, the remaining funds are divided among Walden Savings Bank’s 22 departments. At the end of each year, each department is allowed to donate their share to whomever they choose – a local or national charity or service organization, a family in need, or other entity.

This year, to celebrate WSB’s 150th anniversary, the donation process was modified. Employees nominated organizations and then voted on four of the nominees to receive the gifts.

“We wish the recipients much success in their missions, and we look forward to continuing to partner with our dedicated workforce team to give back to our communities by helping more organizations,” Wynkoop said.

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