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Commercial Line Of Credit

Flexibility and common sense: That’s Walden Savings Bank's Line of Credit!

Growing your business is both satisfying and rewarding.  Along the way, there may be needs or unexpected expenses that arise. Walden Savings Bank can help you meet these challenges with a Commercial Line of Credit.


Commercial Line Of Credit

A Commercial Line of Credit from Walden Savings Bank is the flexible financial tool that can help you grow your business.  Establishing a revolving line of credit is not only handy to meet routine and unexpected business expenses, it’s cost effective because you only pay interest on what you borrow. Use the credit line only when needed.


  • No cost until the line is used
  • No initial draw required
  • No Draw Fee
  • No Non-Usage Fee
  • No Application Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • Overdraft line of credit

1/60th Line Of Credit

This revolving line of credit requires you to pay only 1/60th of the outstanding principal and interest due. There’s no need to come to the bank to draw on your credit line because it’s just like writing a check.


  • Lines Available from $500 to $100,000
  • No “annual cleanup” requirement
  • Draws initiated by check
  • $150 Annual Fee 

Overdraft Line of Credit

An overdraft line of credit gives you peace of mind related to your operating account. Should you overdraw your checking account the funds will automatically be transferred to cover the transaction. No need for you to worry. Applying is as simple as just asking!


  • Lines available from $500 to $10,000
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No Application Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • Only pay for outstanding balance
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