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Manage all of your accounts, inside and outside of Walden Savings Bank, create a budget, set savings goals and more all from one convenient dashboard! 

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See All of Your Accounts in One Place 

Tired of having to sign into a bunch of different apps, websites and services to check the balances of all your accounts; only to get a vague idea of your financial standing? We have some good news for you! Now you can log in to ONE place and see everything! With Walden Saving Bank's BankWise you can add any account you own to see a complete picture of your finances.

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Transactions Made Clear and Simple with BankWise

Sometimes looking through your transactions can be much more confusing than helpful. How are you supposed to know that “NET-483294/17210-CHV” is actually your internet bill, not your Netflix subscription?

Walden Savings Bank's BankWise cleans that all up for you and makes it easy to read your transaction history by simplifying the names and placing the transactions into categories so you can get a comprehensive look at your spending. It’s quite handy!

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Realign and Refocus on Your Spending 

Have you ever logged into your checking account to find that you visited your favorite coffee shop a few to many times last month? Don’t worry, we have all been there! With the Spending tool on Walden Savings Bank's BankWise you can get a quick glimpse at how much you sped in each spending category.


Budgeting Made Simple 

Almost all of use dread the idea of making a budget. But what if it could be easy, and put the things you value most first? Bubble Budgets are just that! Log into BankWise to have your first budget automatically created for you based off the way you spend your money. Simple as that!


Discover Your Financial Trends

Throughout the year our spending needs change, planning ahead for those changes can help to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. The Trends tool in MoneyMap can help you conceptualize the way you spend and make money throughout the year. So, you can quickly see if you are spending where you want to be and liking within your means.

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Pay Off Debts Faster 

Let BankWise help you tackle one of the biggest financial stressors, debt. Add all of your debt accounts to BankWise and the debt tool will show you how much money you can save by paying down your debts early. See how much you can save by logging on today.

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Sum Up Your Financial Health

Get the perfect snapshot of your financial health by knowing your net worth. With the Net Worth Tool in BankWise you can see the increases and decreases of all your finances simply in one place. Calculating net worth equals assets minus liabilities.

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Set and Track Goals Like Never Before

Here at Walden Savings Bank we want you to reach your financial goals. To help with that we created the Goals tool within BankWise. Whether you are planning ahead for the short-term or long-term, BankWise will help you plan, prioritize and visualize your goals.

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See Your Future Account Balance With BankWise

Ever run low on cash between paychecks? It happens to the best of us. Now you can get an accurate calendar view of your cash flow in Walden Savings Bank's BankWise. With the power to see you finances monthly or yearly, let this powerful tool help alleviate financial stress.

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